SDT200 ultrasound detector for industrial predictive maintenance

You need sharp ears to stay one step ahead of your competitors...
Keep an "ultrasonic" ear on your production facilities!

One of the great challenges to be faced by every company in today's global marketplace is to improve its competitive position. As the operating condition and therefore the performance of a production unit are directly linked to the effectiveness of its maintenance, an effective predictive maintenance program will significantly contribute to improving competitiveness by controlling costs.

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Designed and manufactured by SDT itselfSDT200 ultrasound detector

Technology is not an end in itself. SDT's technical leadership in ultrasonic applications is driven by a subtle combination of matching user needs, dedicated R&D and technological innovation. This will maintain SDT's position as foremost ultrasonic solution provider.

The world of ultrasonic inspection obtainable for every budget… without compromise

From the moment you pick up the SDT200 and grip its robust chassis you know that SDT has not sacrificed quality for the sake of price. Now slip on the cushion comfort headphones and transport your senses to a world of crystal clear, high definiton ultrasonic enjoyment. Suddenly you realize that the SDT200 makes “the world of ultrasonic inspection” obtainable for every budget… without compromise.

Listen beyond the noise of your plant. Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy. Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps. Confidently re-lubricate motor bearings with digital accuracy. Let the SDT200 chart a course for less energy waste, more effcient processes, and a greener environment.

The SDT200 provides a robust, high quality solution to a market segment that wants a high performance instrument at an affordable price point.

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The SDT200 ultrasonic detector is an essential multifunctional tool for your programme. It can be used by anybody, for numerous applications and with unquestionable reliability:

  • Compressed air leak detection
    Stop wasting! Quantify your leaks. Save 30 – 40 % on your current consumption.
  • Steam trap inspection
    Save at least € 2.500 per year by repairing one leaking steam valve. Eradicate water hammer effects.
  • Bearing monitoring
    Eliminate hours of production down-time and considerably prolong the life span of your machines.
  • Machinery lubrication
    Conveniently meet the 2 requirements of an efficient greasing: relubrication periodicities and quantities.
  • Pump cavitation detection
    Avoid the premature wear of the tool and the break-downs and high costs which it causes.
  • Localization of internal leaks on valves
    Save hours or even days of dismantling and repair. Avoid breakdowns and premature damage to your equipment.
  • Partial discharge localization
    The sooner detected the lower repair costs. Detect corona, tracking and arcing effects

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compressed air leak detection electrical partial discharge localization steam trap inspection
ultrasonic bearing condition monitoring machinery lubrication steam trap inspection

HEAR MORE through ultrasounds: the SDT200 ultrasonic detector is a real diagnostic tool for your predictive maintenance

The SDT200 is multifunctional and saves money

The SDT200 ultrasonic detector lets you hear above the noise… And as mentioned above, for many applications. Regular use of the SDT200 enables the efficient planning of machine downtime whitch leads to better productivity and to enable cost and time savings.

The SDT200 is ergonomically designed and user-friendly

It is a robust, lightweight hand-held instrument with a generous liquid crystal display, an intuitive navigation by icon based menus and 6 integrated linguistic versions and with independent adjustments of listening volume and amplification level for a real comfort of use.

The SDT200 is digital and intelligent

The SDT200 processes and displays data digitally. The onboard electronics allows using various types of sensors. When connecting one of these sensors, the device automatically switches in the appropriate measuring mode. Compatibility with external ultrasonic sensors and non-ultrasonic sensors.

The SDT200 with DataDump software

The SDT200 has a memory of 4.000 time- and date-stamped measurements spreaded over 100 locations and classified per sensor. The data are transferred through a USB connection by means of user-friendly software (DataDump) provided with the equipment. These data can be integrated directly in an Excel, Word or other program.

The SDT200 features 4 ultrasonic condition indicators

The SDT ultrasound inspection method applies up to four Condition Indicators to each measurement taken: RMS, Max RMS, Peak and Crest Factor. Selecting and combining these indicators depending on the application, will alert the inspector in good time of a developing problem.
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The SDT200 is available in ATEX version


The SDT200 detector is also available in ATEX version for potentially explosive environments, as are the flexible sensor, the contact probe, the threaded sensor and the headphones.
ATEX Directive 94/9/CE (II 1 G / Ex ia IIC T3/T2 Ga).

Training: a wise investment!

Investment in training automatically results in more ”involved” inspectors. It is the foundation for an effective and long lasting maintenance programme. Ultrasonic training programmes are extremely effective and practical. A good training programme is a guarantee for quick return on investment.

Twenty years of experience have taught us that each maintenance programme is different and every inspector is unique.

Implementation trainings and certification trainings

Implementation training by an SDT specialist takes place when your SDT equipment is delivered. It allows inspectors to become well acquainted with the device as quickly as possible, which results in a more efficient use of your investment. Theoretical and practical aspects of this training are adapted to the customers’ needs. During this start-up training we will bring you a more precise understanding of your applications. Our experts can help you develop an efficient maintenance strategy by helping you to define goals, elaborate procedures, explain the software, set up your database, etc…

Our certification training courses for “Air & structure borne ultrasound inspector” has been certified Level 1 by the ASNT. It is a 2-days long comprehensive mix of theoretical and practical learning that ends with a written theoretical and practical exam which, in case of success, will reward your inspectors with a certificate. We strive for a maximum transfer of knowledge and skills by matching ultrasound theory with the many applications you will encounter on the spot. Certification training is offered in both public and private setting.

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From the classroom...
to the practice room...
to the factory floor.

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